Word on the Street: Dolphins retooling

Word on the Street: Dolphins retooling
November 9, 2011, 2:36 pm
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By Benjamin Standig

Redskins Roundup - Behind Enemy Lines The Dolphins first half of the season ended on a win, finally, but negatives far outweighed the positives over those first eight games (Miami Herald)Playing behind a "phenomenal" offensive line, quarterback Matt Moore was locked in last week (Palm Beach Post)Regardless of how the second half of the season unfolds, the Dolphins should not alter course, one that has them on a retooling path (Miami Herald)Stud rookie running back Daniel Thomas among the Dolphins limited by hamstring injuries this season. (Palm Beach Post)An early round pick out of Kansas State, the burly Thomas flashed his potential with games of 107 and 95 rushing yards in weeks 2 and 3. Since then, just112 total yards in three games plus one DNP. Last week Thomas toted the ball seven times for a meager 12 yards as Reggie Bush ran and received his way to 142 yards of total offense from scrimmage.The Redskins have struggled stopping inside runs this season so a healthy Thomas could prove dangerous, but Bush's stepped up played has made the Dolphins backfield a true committee regardless. Redskins rookies get their share of mid-seasons accolades (O'Halloran - CSNwashington)Back in training camp, the decision on whether to keep Donte' Stallworth was symbolic of the Redskins direction struggle; play for now or rebuild. Therefore at a time in the season when the "r" word has become a daily topic, it is hardly ironic that the Redskins parted ways with the veteran receiver. (Real Redskins)Taking an individual week 9 look at Helu, Kerrigan and others (ESPN980)Penn State scandalIs Joe Paterno's ouster imminent (Washington Examiner)Blame for Penn State scandal does not lie with Joe Paterno (Jenkins - Washington Post)Happy Valley? Yeah, not so much until Paterno and other Penn State leaders are gone(Snyder - Washington Times)Breakfast BuffetWarren Sapp relays a Albert Haynesworth anecdote from London Fletcher (SB Nation)Edsall looking at big picture, though offers little for fans to wrap arms around(CSNwashington)Staying at VCU was a Smart move (Washington Times)