FIshing Report: Happy Holidays!

FIshing Report: Happy Holidays!
December 23, 2012, 1:45 pm
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By Steve Chaconas, Fishing on the Potomac

Last week’s winds left the Potomac a bit muddy, making for a tough week ahead. Water temperatures will be 44 or lower.

With muddy water they’ll seek hard cover on drops 6-10 feet deep. Slow presentations are important! NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “A cold holiday week with mid 40s as a high with a chance of showers late Monday. Christmas Day looking good. Wednesday brings rain and wind sticking around for Thursday. Friday looks like the best day with 44 for a high and light winds. A colder weekend with a chance of snow.”

Silver Buddy lures, gold ½-ounce size on 12-pound test Gamma Copoly Line, are perfect for working down drops with a lot of vibration. Short hops and let them sit a few seconds before burping them again.

Work 3 and 4 inch MIZMO curl tail grubs on ¼-ounce jig heads. A short lift and sit on lighter line, 6-pound test Gamma Copoly on spinning reels with quality drag systems and effective line rollers like the Quantum EXO.

Drop shot thicker baits for more vibration. Use weights to find cover on drops on 6-pound test. Shorten leaders to 6 inches. Less shaking, letting baits fall and sit. Lift slowly and allow to slowly fall.

Slow roll with a slow lift and drop, double Colorado gold-bladed white-skirted spinnerbaits. Use 12-pound test Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon and add a pork or plastic chunk with Jack’s Juice to enhance effectiveness of this presentation.

One of the best baits under these conditions is the Punisher Hair jig. Punisher rattles are loud and this package holds a lot of scent! Again, 6-pound test Copoly or a leader of 6-pound Edge Fluorocarbon tied to braided line will allow for better sensitivity and hook sets.