A Turning Point On The Potomac?

A Turning Point On The Potomac?
August 16, 2010, 11:03 pm
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Monday, August 16, 2010, 6:59 PM

By Captain Steve Chaconas
CSNwashington.com Contributor

Have we hit a turning point? As we lose 2 minutes a day of sunlight, the nights tend to cool off the water just a bit . . . and we need it. Late day temperatures were getting up near 90! But, a late week cold front brought rain, clouds and cooler temperatures . . . for a bit. Water temperatures started the day around 80! That drop really turned on the fish.

The topwater bite was very good with a series of poppers. Colors didnt matter. If there was a bit of chop on the water, I upsized to a Lucky Craft G-Splash 80. Otherwise, the G-Splash 65. I looked for the clearest water I could find . . . generally an outgoing tide with a good grass buffer produced very clear water. I needed to move the poppers continually to get a good bite. Too slow and fish would just smack at it, not getting the hooks.

If the sun came up or the tide came in, I switched to a Manns Baby 1-Minus . . . any color seemed to work, but the Snakeheads like the red colors. I have been changing my trebles on this bait with the new Mustad KVD short shank triple grips. 17-pound test line on a medheavy graphite rod about 7. Almost all of the fish hit on the pause or after a quick snap of the bait.

When the tide came in further, I switched up to a bit deeper with the Lucky Craft BDS 4 in white patterns. This is a power crank with a lot of buoyancy! Also on 17-pound test line.

At low tides, I was tossing a Manns black hollow frog and the HardNose Toads.
I was also poking around with shaky heads in deeper water and on grass edges during a falling tide.

These patterns should work as long as the water doesnt heat up again . . . if it does, the windows for the moving baits will shrink and pitching plastics, like Mizmo tubes will produce.