AP Pro32 ballot from Judge

AP Pro32 ballot from Judge
October 23, 2012, 4:26 pm
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clark Judge of CBSSports.com:

Week 8


1. Atlanta Falcons - There are few tougher tests than taking on Andy Reid following a bye. We're about to find out about the Falcons.

2. Chicago Bears - The Bears might be the best team out there. Offense, defense, special teams, you name it. They have everything but body armor for Jay Cutler.

3. Houston Texans - Is it just me or does it seem as if everyone else in the AFC is playing for second?

4. New York Giants - Memo to Ahmad Bradshaw: Leave the play-calling to your coaches. There's a reason Tom Coughlin won two Super Bowls.

5. San Francisco 49ers - Maybe the next televised debate should be between Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll.

6. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers not only has nine touchdowns the past two weeks; he did it with Greg Jennings absent. Yep, the Pack is back.

7. Baltimore Ravens - Seldom has 5-2 felt worse. It's not just that the Ravens lost their first game without Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb; it's that they were destroyed.

8. Minnesota Vikings - All I know about these guys is that they beat San Francisco, and that makes them someone you can't write off.

9. Denver Broncos - Maybe that second half in San Diego launches the Broncos to a memorable second half of the season, too.

10. New England Patriots - Tom Brady said that he and his teammates may have "spoiled" their fans with all that success. I don't know about that. What I do know is that he and his teammates can't close out opponents, and that's a problem.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers - Deion Sanders says we "need" to consider Ben Roethlisberger an elite quarterback now. Someone tell him Big Ben became an elite QB years ago.

12. Philadelphia Eagles - The good news: Todd Bowles, you're the team's defensive coordinator. The bad: Your first assignment is to stop Matt Ryan and the undefeated Falcons.

13. Seattle Seahawks - Keep your eyes on these guys. If they can win this week in Detroit, they have a second half with five games at home - where they don't lose.

14. Washington Redskins - RG3 is the best thing to happen to Washington since air conditioning.

15. Dallas Cowboys - Remember when owner Jerry Jones invited fans to Dallas to see his team "kick the Giants' (butt)?" Well, the invitations go out this week.

16. Arizona Cardinals - There have been 29 sacks of Arizona quarterbacks in the past four games, so even though the Cards are 4-3 there's a feeling that they're falling faster than Felix Baumgartner.

17. New Orleans Saints - Say it ain't so, Joe. Vitt is back, and so is that high-flying New Orleans offense. But defense? There are more holes there than on Bourbon Street.

18. San Diego Chargers - They Bolts are tied with Denver for first in the AFC West, but seldom have fans felt less confident about their team - probably because it just blew back-to-back double-digit leads in the fourth quarter.

19. St. Louis Rams - The Rams are tough, they're physical and they're competitive. They're also a year away.

20. Cincinnati Bengals - As long as the Bengals can't beat Baltimore and Pittsburgh - and they lost their last nine to them - they can't be taken seriously as a playoff contender.

21. New York Jets - Odd as it may seem, a loss relieved some of the pressure on these guys. Yeah, they're under .500, but they almost beat New England ... and that's renewed some Rex-pectations.

22. Miami Dolphins - The more I see of Ryan Tannehill the more I think the Dolphins have a quarterback for the future.

23. Detroit Lions - One of these days the Lions will figure out it's OK to score in the first half, too. They better figure it out soon; otherwise we're looking at another lost season.

24. Tennessee Titans - Call off the APB. Chris Johnson is back.

25. Indianapolis Colts - Chuck Pagano is out of the hospital. The Colts are at .500. Andrew Luck is running for touchdowns. And Shapiro's is serving breakfast. Life is good in Indianapolis.

26. Buffalo Bills - Every time I see the Bills spring another leak in their defense I keep thinking, "No, They Chan't."

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Maybe the Bucs should stick with the throwback uniforms. They seemed to bring out the best in Josh Freeman.

28. Oakland Raiders - Yeah, the Raiders won, but look how they did it: Against a Jacksonville team that played without an offense. And it took Oakland five quarters to get there.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars - No Maurice Jones-Drew means no hope. Period.

30. Carolina Panthers - Listening to Cam Newton after last week's loss convinced me why these guys stink. They need a leader, and, right now, Cam ain't it. He's supposed to be the face of the franchise, so he has a decision: Either grow up or shut up.

31. Cleveland Browns - I could've sworn I saw a broom by Jimmy Haslam at the Browns' last game.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - OK, so the Chiefs are only two games behind Denver and San Diego. They just named Brady Quinn their starting quarterback. Time to start preparing those eulogies for this year's team.



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