Correctable mistake for Kai Forbath

Correctable mistake for Kai Forbath
September 12, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Kai Forbath knows exactly what went awry on his missed field goal attempt Monday. And, in his estimation, it’s an easily correctable problem.

“I just kind of swung across my body instead of swinging up to the target,” the Redskins’ second-year kicker said. “Very similar to a golf shot, you’re going to slice it if you come down across it.”

Since setting an NFL record for consecutive field goals to start a career (17) last season, Forbath has missed his last two field goals in games that mattered. He did, however, connect on all seven of his attempts his preseason.   

Monday’s miss, Forbath said, won’t linger into Sunday’s game at Green Bay.

“I just take it one kick at a time,” he said. “That kick is gone now. I plan on going out and making the next kick that I’m asked to kick. Moving on from a miss is the biggest challenge for a kicker. I’m looking forward to going out there and making the next one.”

Despite the missed field goal, Forbath did take some positives away from the game. He put four of his six kickoffs into the end zone, forcing three touchbacks. Last season, only 24-percent of his kickoffs resulted in touchbacks.

“My approach – speeding it up – has really helped,” he said. “And just doing it more, doing it a lot in the offseason. It just helps you get the same muscle memory, repetition, the same swing every time, kind of like you have on field goals. Last year, I felt like every kick was different.”

The 26-year-old returned to his native California to work with his kicking coach in the offseason. He said he booted 10-15 kickoffs every day.

“That’s a really violent swing, so you don’t want to risk injury,” he said of carefully keeping tabs of his workload.

The early returns, he said, have made the hard work worthwhile.

“Clearly it’s an improvement from last year,” he said. “I’m pleased with it. When you work hard on something, and you see the results in the offseason, it’s nice to see it when actually comes down to when you need to get it done.”