Draft picks signing at record pace

Draft picks signing at record pace
May 22, 2012, 8:24 pm
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There are some as aspects of the NFL collective bargaining agreement that was ratified last summer that have not worked as advertised. There seems to be discontent over the amount of disciplinary power held by Roger Goodell and there has yet to be agreement on HGH testing.But the rookie wage scale, a system that essentially results in preset contracts for each player in the draft, has been a smashing success. It was designed to save money that could be spent on veteran player salaries and to make sure that rookies signed quickly without training camp holdouts.Per the NFL, 147 drafted players had signed contracts through Thursday, May 17. Here is now that compares to the number of signings through the entire month of May in previous years:2011: 0 (NFL lockout prohibited contracts from being signed)
2010: 13
2009: 11
2008: 7
2007: 25
2006: 2
2005: 4There were 253 players drafted last month so about 58 percent are in the fold. The Redskins are ahead of the pace, with six of their nine draft picks signed. It seems likely that it is just a matter of time until the Redskins get the other three, including Robert Griffin III, to sign on the line.