Garçon: 'Skins offense just getting going

Garçon: 'Skins offense just getting going
April 11, 2013, 11:30 am
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The Redskins averaged the fifth most points per game in 2012. They also had the league’s second leading rusher and their quarterback was named offensive rookie of the year.

But, in the estimation of wide receiver Pierre Garçon, the Redskins’ Robert Griffin III-fueled offense is just getting warmed up.

“We’re inching [toward] the top of the NFL,” Garçon said Thursday morning during a guest appearance on NFL Network. “We think we have that potential. And we’re young, too, and that’s what makes it the best.”

The reason Garçon is so confident the Redskins will be even more prolific in 2013 is twofold: The team not only boasts a youthful stable of skilled players, he also believes the entire unit can develop better chemistry and gain a stronger grasp of Mike and Kyle Shanahan’s playbook.

“It can be very good,” Garçon said. “Once guys get familiar with each other and familiar with the offense. You get Alfred [Morris] and Robert and myself a few more years in this offense, we will be great. Fred [Davis] has spent some time in there. And we have other receivers; there’s Josh [Morgan], we have Santana [Moss] always leading the way. If those guys can all come together and grow in this offense, it can be very good for us.”