Green points finger at Shanahan for Redskins' problems

Green points finger at Shanahan for Redskins' problems
December 16, 2013, 1:45 pm
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The last time we hear from Darrell Green he was doubting the leadership ability of Robert Griffin III. Now he’s pointing the finger at Mike Shanahan for the Redskins’ current problems.

 “These guys are coming in here with their kids, hiring them, everybody’s making millions and having fun, but nobody’s really winning,” the Hall of Fame cornerback and Redskins legend said on SiriusXM NFL Radio (as transcribed by the DC Sports Bog). And I put the onus right where it belongs. [Shanahan] said last week, I take the blame, I didn’t have them ready to play. Well you know what, you’re supposed to have them ready to play, and that goes for anybody.”

Asked if he thinks Shanahan will be back, Green said, “I don’t think he should be, I don’t think he will be.”

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He admitted that he has no inside information as to what’s happening at Redskins Park.

Green expressed optimism that owner Daniel Snyder will be able to get things turned around and said that he would be open to a role in helping him do it.

“I’d like to be somewhere where some decision-making is taking place, primarily as it relates to personnel,” Green said. “You know, I could obviously always coach the secondary, but that would probably be my last choice.

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