Griffin gelling with other injured players

Griffin gelling with other injured players
May 30, 2013, 5:00 pm
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Morris, Garcon, RG3 work out together at OTA's

As much as it upsets Robert Griffin III to be sidelined, the star quarterback said Thursday there has been one upside to his knee injury: he’s been able to build chemistry with fellow recovering Redskins such as Pierre Garçon, Fred Davis and others during the rehab process.

Each day during OTAs, Griffin and the other rehabbing players have worked together, away from the rest of the team. And Griffin has spent a decent portion of those sessions firing passes to Garçon, Davis, Chris Thompson and Jordan Reed, all of whom are recovering from leg injuries.

“It’s been a blessing in disguise ... throwing to Fred Davis, Pierre Garçon, Jordan Reed and Chris Thompson,” Griffin said. “Those are guys that we are going to lean heavily on during the season.”

Although each of them operating at less than 100-percent because of their injuries, Griffin is healthy enough to simulate dropping back, and the others are healthy enough to run routes at a high tempo.  

And because it’s a small group, they also spend a lot of time communicating and getting used to each other's tendencies. That's particularly important for the rookies, who are learning the playbook and getting in sync with Griffin from a timing perspective.

“I get to build that chemistry with them [and] get a feel for how Jordan and Chris play and continue work with Fred and Pierre,” Griffin said.

Griffin added that it’s also critical that he and Garçon get “on the same page” because he expects the wide receiver to be his go-to guy in 2013.  

“When I was in college I had Kendall Wright and Terrance Williams,” Griffin said. “…Pierre is going to be that guy for me. So I got to make sure me and him are on the same page. He’s a big play receiver. It’s been a pleasure to [rehab] with him, not that I wanted him to get hurt or anything.”