Griffin: Team must be confident, not relaxed

Griffin: Team must be confident, not relaxed
September 26, 2013, 10:45 am
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Skins feel they can climb out of early hole

One way to look at the Redskins’ 0-3 record is that they are three games under .500 with 13 left to play. Last year, as you surely remember, the Redskins were 3-6, a record that also is three games under break even, with only seven games left to play.

Last year’s Redskins rallied and won their last seven to make the playoffs. Can they use that experience to their advantage this year?

They can to an extent, according to quarterback Robert Griffin III. But they have to be aware of a fine line.

“I think the line you draw is not to relax,” he said. “Don’t look at it as, ‘Hey, we did this last year. We can get out of this hole.’ You look to that as a sense of confidence like, ‘We know what this team is made of. We know what we can do.’”

“But you don’t look at that and relax and say, ‘Hey, we can just keep on losing, it will be all gravy.’ That’s not the way you approach it.”

The Redskins are one game worse than they were at this point last year. They lost their third game of 2012 to fall to 1-2. They won their next game in Tampa to get to .500 but four losses in the five games after that put them in that 3-6 hole.

At this point, they need the confidence that would come from a 2013 win more than any they might draw from last year. Griffin says the Redskins know this.

“I think the team is ready,” he said. “Everybody is disappointed in the way that we’ve played and the only thing we can do is change that on Sundays. I can’t change it up here. I can’t tell you guys any secrets about what is going to happen or how we’re going to do it. We just have got to go do it.”