Guess who's Griffining now?

Guess who's Griffining now?
September 15, 2012, 8:52 pm
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While some fans have seen enough of the new Tebowing, it looks like Griffining is picking up new supporters.

Griffining is the act of sitting down on the ground with legs extended and hands pointing up in the air; a pose similar to Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III after a touchdown throw in his debut.

Griffin, for his part, said he thinks Griffining is funny but he did not intend for the gesture to go viral.

Whatever Griffin's intentions, Griffining appears here to stay. Fox College Football host Erin Andrews tweeted out a picture Griffining. Not to be outdone ESPN's Charissa Thompson published similar pictures.

It's anyone's guess where the next famous Griffining pictures will come from, but if RG3 has a similar performance in St. Louis to his debut in New Orleans, the Griffining trend will surely last another week.