Hall's contract has team friendly cap hit in 2014

Hall's contract has team friendly cap hit in 2014
February 25, 2014, 8:45 am
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We now have the details of DeAngelo Hall’s contract and it is very team friendly in 2014 with a cap hit of just over $2 million.

As previously reported, the contract is for $17 million over four years. Hall received a signing bonus of $3.25 million. Another $1.15 million is fully guaranteed.

The additional $1.15 million in comes in the form of having that portion of this $1.25 million 2014 salary guaranteed. That and the signing bonus constitute the only fully guaranteed money in the deal. In 2015, $1.25 million of his salary of $4 million is guaranteed but only if he is on the roster 14 days after the start of the 2015 league year.

His cap charge this year consists of that $1.25 million salary and $812,500 of prorated signing bonus money for a total of $2.06 million. You’re not going to get a veteran starting corner for much less than that.

As you might expect the cap hit goes up through the remainder of the contract. In 2015, Hall’s salary plus prorated bonus will equal a cap charge of $4.8 million and it bumps up to $5.1 million over each of the last two years of the deal.

Hall will be 30 in November of this year and if his performance declines to where his performance doesn’t match his salary, the Redskins could release hall with relatively little cap pain after this year. In 2015, as long as they make the move prior to that salary guarantee kicking in in late March, they would save $1.6 million against the cap ($2.4 million in dead cap). If they keep him until 2016 they would save $2.6 million with about $1.6 million in dead cap.

(h/t to www.OvertheCap.com )