Huddle up: Last minute Redskins-Browns thoughts

Huddle up: Last minute Redskins-Browns thoughts
December 16, 2012, 11:00 am
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--The Browns will probably crowd the line and dare Kirk Cousins to beat them throwing the ball intermediate and deep. They also will come up with some blitz packages to try to rattle the inexperienced rookie. The wide receivers will need to step up and get open for Cousins.

--Cousins probably will have to throw about 30-35 passes assuming the Redskins don’t get either a huge lead or a big deficit. Griffin has been attempting 27 passes per game and running about nine times. Cousins might scramble once or twice and Alfred Morris will get a few more carries than his average of 19 per game. That will leave about three dozen or so plays where Cousins will have to put it in the air.

--Weather should not be a factor. Per the Weather Channel, it will be cloudy with a high of 56 and only a 20 percent chance of rain.

--Will Cousins work out of the pistol offense? There is no reason why he can’t; the formation does not require a highly mobile quarterback. It gives you some of the advantages of the shotgun with more time to survey the defense but it makes play action more effective. It can be used with a dropback attack.

--It is true that the Chiefs have allowed only on 100-yard rusher since Week 5. That was Jamal Charles of the Chiefs last week. It is also true that other than the Chiefs they have faced just one rushing offense ranked higher than 17th in the NFL (Bengals, Week 6, ranked 10th).

--It goes without saying that a strong performance by the Redskins’ defense will go a long way towards helping Cousins pick up a win in his first NFL start. Cleveland isn’t getting a whole lot of production out of top pick Trent Richardson on the ground (247 carries for 869 yards, 3.5 average) so they are turning to some trickery. Wide receivers Travis Benjamin, Josh Cribbs, and Greg Little all have multiple rushing attempts this year.

--Bottom line is that we can guess what offense the Redskins will run with Cousins and we can speculate about how well he will execute it. But we won’t know a thing until a couple of hours from now.