Jordan Black defends himself

Jordan Black defends himself
December 18, 2012, 6:15 pm
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Washington Redskins running back Tim Hightower (25) jumps over Redskins defender Jordan Black (60) while Indianapolis Colts tackle Jason Shirley (65) attempts to stop the play during the third quarter at FedEx Field Stadium.

(Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports)

Jordan Black defended himself Tuesday, 24 hours after the NFL suspended the Redskins’ tackle for the use of performance enhancing drugs.

“My purpose on the show is not to confirm or deny whether or not it was Adderall or anything ADD related,” Black said in an interview on ESPN980. “What I want people to definitely know is that it had nothing to do with steroids. It is not a steroid; it is a prescription. I gave the NFL the prescription that I received for it. They’ve known about the diagnosis. They had their doctors confirm the diagnosis multiple times.”

Black, a reserve, was suspended Monday for four games without pay. The ban begins immediately and it comes a day after the 32-year-old was pressed into duty in Cleveland. When Tyler Polumbus left the game in the second half with a concussion, Black stepped in, taking 43 of the Redskins’ 75 snaps on offense.

Black, who never acknowledged what drug triggered the positive test, said he appealed his suspension but lost. On Monday evening, a number of his Black's teammates took to Twitter in support of their colleague

“In the appeals process, it just doesn’t matter,” Black said. “It is a system that, instead of having someone who can take a look at all of the information and make a logical decision … they instead have an attack-dog attorney who tries to mischaracterize a person. …I had no chance from the beginning.”

With Black suspended and Polumbus’ status unclear, the Redskins could be forced to play second-year player Maurice Hurt or rookie Tom Compton on Sunday in Philadelphia.

“Anytime you hear the words performance enhancing drugs, there’s a stigma with that,” Black continued. “People automatically assume steroids. This is about my reputation and this is about what my Wikipedia page is going to say for the next 70 years and what my grandchildren are going to read about me. I don’t want them to think that I’m a cheater.”