Open thread: How much should Cousins play?

Open thread: How much should Cousins play?
August 8, 2013, 5:45 am
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Redskins Post Game Live

Your Thursday morning open thread:

Kirk Cousins and the Redskins are in a "unique situation" as the preseason opens tonight in Tennessee.

Technically, Cousins is the team’s starting quarterback as Robert Griffin III works his way back from a knee injury. How long Cousins retains that title, though, depends on RG3’s progress. And right now, that’s a fluid situation. RG3 could be back in time for Week 1.

“That’s a good question,” Coach Mike Shanahan said, asked this week about the preseason plan for Cousins. “What we normally do is play our starters in the first game anywhere from 10-15 plays depending on what type of drive that you’re having.”

The coach added: “It’s a unique situation with Kirk, but … Kirk will play more in the second and third game than a normal starter would. We’re going to give him a lot of reps, not necessarily as much probably in this first game.”

So there you have it, sounds like Shanahan intends to use the preseason as an opportunity to get Cousins some valuable game experience, even if it means exposing him to a little more risk.

Which brings us to this morning’s question: Do you agree with Shanahan's stated approach? How much do you want to see Cousins play this preseason?