Open thread: Redskins-Giants--Who ya got?

Open thread: Redskins-Giants--Who ya got?
November 29, 2013, 5:45 am
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Your Friday morning open thread:

When NBC picked up this game for prime time viewing back in the spring, they didn't expect it the home team to be 3-8 and the visitors to drag in with a 4-7 record. But the network did decide that this still was an attractive enough contest to warrant staying in the Sunday night slot.

About the only point of pride the Redskins have left is to win some division games. They are 0-3 and have two meetings against the Giants and one with Dallas left on the schedule. A sweep of New York would be something for them to hang their hats on this offseason.

After starting 0-6 he Giants had a four-game winning streak primarily built on two factors. One was that Eli Manning stopped throwing picks. After throwing 15 INT's in the first six games he has thrown just two in his last five. And New York had the good fortune of facing quarterbacks Freeman, Barkley, Pryor, and Tolzien during their winning streak. Tony Romo brought them back to early last week. 

The betting line is even, so who do you think will win and why?