Open thread: The right call on RG3?

Open thread: The right call on RG3?
September 3, 2013, 4:45 am
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Your Tuesday morning open thread:

Now that the decision has been made, it's time for us to exercise our rights as a sports fan to second guess it.

Was the Griffin knee injury rehab handled the right way?

Let's leave aside the process stuff, the verbal back and forth (mostly through intermediaries) between Griffin, Mike Shanahan and, occasionally, Dr. James Andrews. We all know that was a royal mess.  

Let's look at questions like should Griffin play Monday or should they wait a few more weeks just to make sure he's healthy? Or, going in the other direction, should they perhaps have played him in preseason or at least let him participate fully in practice? Perhaps then he would be more ready for the season.

I think that this was done pretty close to right. If he is 100 percent (with no medical "concerns") then a few more weeks would do no good. And while I was in favor of him getting some preseason snaps if he was cleared to do so, he should be able to knock off the rust pretty quickly so perhaps it would not have been worth the risk.