Open thread: What did you think?

Open thread: What did you think?
August 9, 2013, 6:15 am
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Your Friday morning open thread:

So, the Redskins opened up their preseason by beating to the Titans 22-21. Although the final score is meaningless, what happened is not.

Give us your stock up/stock down for this game. Who stood out to you? Cousins, Davis, Brandon Jenkins, Roy Helu, David Amerson are on my list. Who came up big and improved his chances for making the team and/or getting playing time? 

And, on the other hand, who played his way onto the bubble? I wasn't wild about Sav Rocca's punting or, with the exception of one drive, Rex. Did you see anyone for whom you had high hopes going into the preseason that played down to a level that makes you rethink your optimism?

Anything else you want to add about the game, feel free--best play, worst play, disturbing trend, etc. I know that Mike Shanahan's decision to go for two after Pat White's late TD was celebrated among members of the media and possibly by fans who didn't want to be up later on a work night. I know I loved it and I was covering the game from home.