OPEN THREAD: What to make of referee mishaps

OPEN THREAD: What to make of referee mishaps
December 3, 2013, 6:00 am
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Shanahan on controversy and missed opportunities

Much has been made of numerous mistakes made by the referees in the Redskins loss to the New York Giants Sunday night, but in the end, does it really matter?

The Redskins had the ball down a touchdown on their last drive. That much we know. The team was driving for a potential game-tying TD when things got strange. What happened next: the zebras awarded the Skins a first down, only to retroactively call it a fourth down. On the next play Pierre Garçon had the ball stripped, and the game was over. 

The NFL has admitted the refs screwed up the first down/fourth down fiasco, and on Monday Redskins coach Mike Shanahan pointed out that a penalty should have been called on the play where Garçon fumbled.

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So what to make of all this. The Redskins had a two touchdown lead at home against a bad opponent. Does the blame lie with a team that could not hold the lead, or with a series of bad calls from a veteran NFL crew?

You tell us in the comments. Blame the refs? Do the Skins need to take care of business and not let the refs have such an impact? Somewhere in between?