OT's Pugh, Aboushi on Redskins' radar

OT's Pugh, Aboushi on Redskins' radar
February 22, 2013, 4:45 pm
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Indianapolis -- In addition to being poked and prodded by NFL teams during this week’s scouting combine, invitees are also grilled on their football knowledge.

Most teams, in fact, ask prospects to draw up their favorite play and then discuss -- in detail -- each player’s responsibility.

Offensive linemen are not spared, according to tackles Oday Aboushi (Virginia) and Justin Pugh (Syracuse). Both players said they have been interviewed by the Redskins, who could be looking to draft a tackle to play on the right side.

“I’ve been asked that by a lot of teams,” Aboushi said. “A lot of offensive line coaches draw up a defense and then [ask you] to go through your favorite plays, the different protections, what to expect and what are your responsibilities across the line, from center to guard to tackle to tight end.”

Added Pugh: “They want to know what you know about football. So they’ll ask you to draw up a few plays, your favorite run play, your favorite pass play. If you say you know football and then you don’t really show it up, it’s [not good].”

Aboushi (6 foot 5, 308-pounds) said he’s most comfortable playing left tackle but spent significant time on the right side as a Cavalier. A practicing Muslim, Aboushi also said he observes Ramadan but won’t put himself in harm’s way if it overlaps with training camp.

“The point of Ramadan is to be humble, not to starve yourself or put yourself at a health risk,” Aboushi said. “Ramadan will be in the summer this year. If two-a-days come around and it’s 110 degrees, obviously it’s not safe to fast.”

As for Pugh (6 foot 4, 307-pounds), he played left tackle for the Orange but spent time on the right side at the Senior Bowl. 

“It’s just getting that muscle memory,” he said of switching sides. “You’re so used to kicking back with that left foot and now you’ve got to switch it over. It takes a little adjusting, but nothing you can’t handle in the off-season. It would take a little adjusting, but I’m sure with good coaching I’d be able to do it easily.”