Rambo determined to learn from his mistakes

Rambo determined to learn from his mistakes
August 14, 2013, 11:15 am
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Thomas' injury leaves Skins even thinner at safety

RICHMOND—Rookie free safety Bacarri Rambo was all over the highlight packages for the first weekend of NFL preseason action but for the wrong reasons. Titans running back Chris Johnson got into the open field and blew past Rambo on his way to a 58-yard touchdown run.

Many were calling it a rookie mistake until they realized that CJ2K has left many veteran safeties grasping for air on the way to long scoring runs. Still, it was something that Rambo wants to correct.

“I'm ready to go out there and have fun and correct my mistakes that I saw on film,” said Rambo when asked about what he wanted to accomplish in the remaining days of training camp. “Just create turnovers, help the defense out not allowing big plays. When I get in the open field, just make a tackle.”

Rambo thought that he took the right angle to make the play on Johnson but he got fooled when he got there.

“I just felt like I was expecting something else and he didn't do it,” said the Redskins’ sixth-round draft pick. “I was expecting him to turn on his speed and just try to outrun me. I was kind of settled in for that but he just cut back. I was closer than I thought I was so all I've got to do is just take a shot and just try to get him on the ground, just try to grab something.”

Rambo seemed to be most disappointed that he didn’t even make an attempt to bring him down.

“Coach Raheem [Morris] and others said just try to take a shot next time,” he said.

Rambo seems to be a fast learner so we’ll see what he does if he has, say, LeSean McCoy one on one in the open field when the Redskins face the Eagles in the opener. That is when the tackles—and misses—really start to count.