Redskins could gain even more cap room

Redskins could gain even more cap room
January 28, 2014, 10:00 am
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The Redskins are in good shape against the salary cap with an estimated $28.6 million to work with. But they could get even more thanks to the NFL Players Association.

The cap officially is projected to be $126.3 million per team, although other estimates have put it higher, at $127.5 million. In any case, the players union has the option to change the accounting and add $2 million per team to the spending limit.

Although this move would trim back future cap increases, the union might be tempted to do it. Even by using the more conservative estimate for the cap the 2014 number would be above $128 million per team is they exercise the option. That is important symbolically because the cap has been under $128 million since 2009. There has been some criticism and discontent about the cap number ever since the new collective bargaining agreement was signed in 2011. Getting the cap back over the 2009 level could help quiet some of the grumbling.

If the NFLPA does pull the trigger on the increase, the Redskins will have about $30.6 million to work with when free agency starts on March 11. That’s not a huge increase but when a team has been cap starved as the Redskins have been for the past two seasons thanks to the $36 million penalty the NFL imposed in 2012, any little bit can help.