Redskins first half awards

Redskins first half awards

Aldrick Robinson is ready to step up

November 2, 2012, 2:15 pm
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Here is one blogger’s opinion on the best and worst of the Redskins’ season at the halfway mark.

Offensive MVP—The obvious and only choice is Robert Griffin III. He has been the catalyst for the team’s three wins and he has given them a chance in all but one of their five losses. He has made more memorable plays this year—the 76-yard TD run, the scrambling fourth-down conversion, the 88-yard “Griffining” TD to name a few—than the team has had in the past several years combined.

Defensive MVP—As easy as it is to choose an offensive MVP, it is just as difficult to pick one on a defense that has been a major disappointment. The front seven is not generating a pass rush with any consistency and the coverage has been spotty. And although the rushing defense has been pretty solid that is in large part because teams don’t run against them because it’s so easy to pass on them. Still, Ryan Kerrigan has played well. He’s not piling up a lot of sacks but he has been steady at many aspects of the game and at times, like when he plucked Matt Ryan’s pass out of the air  and rolled in for a touchdown, spectacular.

Special teams MVP—This award is almost as easy as the one for the offense. Special teams have had plenty of issues with blocked and missed kicks and an inability to break out and get a big return. But the coverage has been solid and captain Lorenzo Alexander has been a demon in in that department and the glue that has held the units together.

Surprise development—The emergence of Alfred Morris as not just the team’s leading rusher but as one of the best running backs in the league is something that nobody expected when training camp opened. The sixth-round pick seemed to be on the roster bubble in early August but by the time the season started he was the opening day starter in New Orleans.

Disappointing development—The defense was ranked 13th in the NFL last year and if they just could have duplicated that performance this year the Redskins likely would be in the thick of the playoff hunt. But they are near the bottom of the league overall and on pace to become the first NFL team to allow 5000 yards passing in a season. Nobody every thought they would long for the Redskins’ 2011 defense, or even the 10th-ranked 2009 edition.