Redskins' Hankerson knew he'd catch TD

Redskins' Hankerson knew he'd catch TD
August 20, 2013, 11:45 am
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Leonard Hankerson had an eventful half of football on Monday night against the Steelers. He dropped a pass, he caught a touchdown pass, and he left the game with a bruised knee.

Addressing the injury first, it seemed to be rather minor in nature. He was dressed in casual shorts by his locker after the game and there was no wrap on the right knee.

“I'm good, man. I'm good,” he said.

The third-year receiver said that he may have been able to go back into the game had it been a regular season game. “Yeah, I would have been good,” he said. “Just a little bruise.”

The drop came early in the second quarter on a well-thrown pass by Rex Grossman. “I’ve got to have that one,” said Hankerson.

He got the next one. On first and goal at the Pittsburgh 10, the Steelers went into man-to-man coverage. Hankerson was confident before the snap.

“I actually knew it was going to be a touchdown before it happened,” he said. “I had inside leverage and I knew that if I ran a good route that he would jump the first one and it was going to be a touchdown.”

It was a touchdown and Hankerson made a nifty play to get it. Grossman got some time to throw, allowing his receiver to make a double move that had cornerback William Gay a step behind him. The throw was a touch high and Hankerson reached up with one hand and, without breaking stride, pulled the ball into his arms.

“Rex put a great ball into the end zone, I just went up and got it,” said Hankerson.

If he can go up and get a few more, including holding on to the easy catches, he could add a weapon to the Redskins’ arsenal.