Redskins, Jackson appear ready to do business

Redskins, Jackson appear ready to do business
March 30, 2014, 12:30 pm
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During NFL free agency, many players make visits to various teams. The player meets the head coach, GM, and maybe his position coach. They get acquainted, watch some film, maybe have some dinner. They might discuss contract numbers and perhaps a firm offer. But a visit like that rarely results in an immediate contract.

Every once in a while, a free agent goes to a team facility on a business trip. The pleasantries are disposed of quickly. The team is sold on the player and the player is sold on the team. They are getting together to hammer out a contract. That doesn’t mean that the two parties always agree on a deal but it’s usually not for a lack of serious intention.

DeSean Jackson is coming to Redskins Park tomorrow and it looks like he’ll be there on a business trip.

According to multiple reports, the Redskins intend to make a serious bid to lock up Jackson’s services tomorrow, and Jackson is excited about the prospect of joining the Redskins.

One Eagles writer talked to a source close to Jackson. “I don’t think they are bringing him in the kick the tires,” said the source.

In other words, the Redskins are ready to buy.