Redskins Mt. Rushmore is crowded

Redskins Mt. Rushmore is crowded
June 3, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Mike Florio breaks down the Redskins Mt. Rushmore

Whoever is going to carve heads onto the Redskins’ Mount Rushmore had better get busy. That person is going to have a lot of work to do. There are considerably more than four players on the Redskins’ list as determined by Pro Football Talk.

That’s because in addition to Sammy Baugh, Joe Gibbs, and Darrell Green, PFT editor Mike Florio named The Hogs as Rushmore honorees. That nickname generally refers to the Redskins’ offensive line during their three Super Bowl wins in a 10-year span from 1982-1991.

Redskins fans had a slightly different take. They voted for Baugh, Gibbs, and Green to be included along with John Riggins. 

Florio's idea of including The Hogs is an interesting one but it would require a big mountain as a lot of heads would have to be carved. 

The original Hogs, the starters in Super Bowl XVII, were tackles George Starke and Joe Jacoby, guards Russ Grimm and Fred Dean, and center Jeff Bostic.

Jacoby, Bostic, and May started in Super Bowl XXII. Along with guards R. C. Theilmann and Raleigh McKenzie they opened the way for unknown Timmy Smith to rush for 204 yards against the Broncos, a record that still stands.

In the Redskins last Super Bowl, XXVI against the Bills, Jacoby had moved from left to right tackle and it was Jim Lachey protecting Mark Rypien’s blind side. Bostic was still at center and McKenzie at one guard spot with Mark Schlereth at the other guard spot.   

So you have 10 heads right there. One would think that the sculptor would just give up and carve in a pig snout, which was worn by legions of fans in homage to The Hogs.

Gibbs was the Redskins’ head coach for all three of their Super Bowl wins and he did it with three different quarterbacks. His success on the field and his humble manner made him one of the most revered figures in Washington sports history.

Green played cornerback for the Redskins’ for 20 years and was a key player in two of those Super Bowl victories. He was among the fastest players in the league from the moment he stepped onto the field until the moment he stepped off of it.

Baugh was the NFL’s first great passer. He was the Redskins’ quarterback from 1937-1952 and he led the team to NFL titles as a rookie and again in 1942. 

Riggins is the team's all-time leading rusher. His fourth-down run that put the Redskins ahead to stay in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XVII is perhaps the most iconic play in team history.