Redskins, RG3 react to Sean Taylor verdict

Redskins, RG3 react to Sean Taylor verdict
November 4, 2013, 4:30 pm
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Though it's coming six years later, reaction to the news of Sean Taylor's murder continues to be enveloped in emotion.  

On Tuesday a Florida jury convicted Eric Rivera Jr. of a second degree murder charge in Taylor's death. The guilty verdict brought Taylor's death back to the forefront, and many remembered the slain star safety.

Griffin was not the only Redskins player that reacted to the news. Santana Moss, one of just four remaining players who actually played with Taylor, said that he was not closely following the trial.

"It wasn’t something that you want to remember," Moss said on a conference call with reporters. "Whatever comes out of it, justice will see it’s way through."