Redskins stock up-stock down at Dallas

Redskins stock up-stock down at Dallas
November 23, 2012, 1:00 pm
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There were a lot more ups than downs for the Redskins following their 38-31 win over the Cowboys on Thursday:

Up—OK, he didn’t post a perfect QB rating and he did throw a key interception but the Redskins don’t even come close to winning that game in the days before the arrival of Robert Griffin III.

Up—Pierre Garçon was almost silent in his return to the lineup last Sunday, leading many to wonder if the team’s top free agent find would be productive before 2013, if ever. He answered the questions with five receptions for 93 yards including a nifty 59-yard catch and run in the third quarter. He now 16 catches, two of them TD’s of 59 yards or longer. The Redskins had zero such plays all of last year.

DownTrent Williams allowed four QB hurries and was bailed out a few times by RG3’s mobility. He wasn’t all that good in run blocking, either.

Up—For a while, Aldrick Robinson was buried on the bench, getting very limited action despite the absence of Garçon. In the past two games he has emerged as a deep pass specialist with two targets, two receptions for 117 yards and two touchdowns. Very efficient, to say the least.

Up—Tony Romo didn’t throw in DeAngelo Hall’s direction much. Of his 62 passes only either were targeted at Hall’s receiver. Hall allowed five receptions for just 36 yards and had an interception that set up the Redskins’ fourth second-quarter touchdown.

Down—Josh Wilson spent most of the day covering Dez Bryant, who is getting hot. Wilson was thrown at 10 times and he allowed seven receptions for 166 yards and two touchdowns.

Up—Perry Riley didn’t make as many big plays as he did against the Eagles but the was rock solid with eight tackles, one of them for a loss.

Up—Alfred Morris keeps on chugging. He rushed for 113 yesterday and should go over 1000 yards for the year sometime in the first half against the Giants (18 to go).

Down—What were you thinking, Brandon Banks, when you ran that punt out of the end zone? Yeah, you’re desperate to make a big play but you have to use your head out there.