Report: NFL cap could go even higher

Report: NFL cap could go even higher
February 25, 2014, 2:30 pm
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The NFL salary cap could be even higher than expected.

No, you haven’t stumbled across a post from about a week ago when it was reported that the cap would be around $130 million instead of the previous estimate of $126.5 million. And you didn’t click a link to a post from just a couple of days ago when reports moved the cap estimate up again, this time to $132 million.

This is a brand new report from our friends at Pro Football Talk. Mike Florio quotes a source saying that the 2014 NFL salary cap would be “a few million” higher than that $132 million estimate. If “a few” means “three” as it does in common usage, that would mean a $135 million cap, a 9.75 percent increase over the 2013 cap of $132 million.

A $135 million cap would give the Redskins approximately $33 million in cap space going into free agency this year.