RG reacts to Facebook post reaction--on Twitter

RG reacts to Facebook post reaction--on Twitter
January 13, 2014, 4:00 pm
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Social media worlds are colliding. After Robert Griffin III put up a Facebook post defending himself against some criticism he frequently receives from fans, the sports media world naturally reacted to it. Now Griffin has reacted to the reaction, this time via Twitter.

He added this a couple of minutes later.

So, what are we to make of this? There are a couple of schools of thought here. One has some fans cheering Griffin on, happy that he is addressing the myriad of criticism that he has come under in the wake of his disappointing performance that was a big part of the problem in the Redskins’ 3-13 record in 2013. After all, you can’t let shots at you go unanswered because then people hear them over and over without a response then the will believe that the criticism is accurate.

The other viewpoint here is that Griffin should just ignore the negative comments and go on about the business of getting ready for the 2014 season. The result of responding is usually just more of the same being thrown out there.

It doesn’t seem as though the original Facebook post was anything out of line. Perhaps it could be described as a frustrated rant or maybe just plain speaking. But reacting to the reaction? That seems to be a bit much. If your statement is drawing a reaction that you didn't expect, it’s best to get it out and move on.

They say that if you’re explaining, you’re losing. Griffin might be wise to learn that adage and move along.