RG3's rehab appears to be on schedule

RG3's rehab appears to be on schedule
August 12, 2013, 9:45 am
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RICHMOND—It appears that Mike Shanahan is taking the rehab of Robert Griffin III day by day. But, in reality, it seems that Shanahan’s schedule for what RG3 will do when in practice was nailed down a couple of months ago, if not earlier.

At a June 6 press conference during OTA’s, Griffin was asked it he thought being ready to participate in training camp, which at the time was abut seven weeks away, was a realistic goal.

In one of his most-replayed quotes of the offseason, Griffin responded, “Without a doubt.”

Shanahan came to the microphones a few minutes later and slammed the brakes on talk that Griffin was “all in” for Day One of camp.

“Well, you always want somebody to have goals, that’s for sure,” said Shanahan. “You want him to come back as soon as he is ready to go, but the doctors have got to OK him. From the beginning they have talked about the recovery time being anywhere from seven months to nine months. I think August 9 is seven months, and so we will just have to wait and see.”

Today is the first practice since the calendar flipped to seven months after Griffin’s surgery. And there is a report that Griffin will start doing 11 on 11 work tomorrow.

It’s unlikely that this is a coincidence. It makes sense for Shanahan to wait until the minimum time for rehab for such an injury has passed before getting Griffin into practice drills that could involve him getting in harm’s way. While the quarterbacks do wear the yellow “no contact” jerseys in practice, accidents do sometimes happen when 21 other bodies are flying around at full speed.

The whole RG3 calendar, of course, is predicated on there being not setbacks and both Griffin and Shanahan have said multiple times that there have been none. So it appears that the time is right for Griffin to step it up just as Shanahan thought it would be a couple of months ago.