Shanahan gives a no-comment comment on Davis reports

Shanahan gives a no-comment comment on Davis reports
November 27, 2013, 8:45 am
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With Jordan Reed sidelined with a concussion for Monday night’s game against the 49ers, Fred Davis was active for the first time in since Week 6 but he saw very limited action. The tight end who received the team’s franchise tag in 2012 played just 10 of the Redskins’ 60 offensive snaps.

There were media reports that despite knowing that Reed was likely to be out, Davis did not attend some mandatory team meetings during the week. When Mike Shanahan was asked to comment on the reports, he said a lot without saying very much at all.

“I don’t go through what we do with discipline with players, but if somebody does miss a meeting [or] if somebody is late, we’ve got fines, we’ve got possible suspensions if I feel a guy is not doing what he needs to do to help our football team win,” said Shanahan. “Any type of discipline we do have – and we have some pretty strong discipline with missing meetings or being late, those type of things – is because everybody is accountable and everybody’s time is very valuable. If I did have something like that with Fred, I would address him individually.”

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In response to a follow up question later in his news conference, Shanahan did not give out much more detail. “Like I said, I have conversations with guys and some people have different reasons for having a problem,” he said. “I talk with those players and if I don’t feel comfortable with it, they’re not with us. I think that’s been proven in the past. If there is something out there that I think merits maybe different discipline, then I use that. Everybody’s a little bit different. One thing we want is people [who are] accountable, and the people that aren’t accountable, they don’t last very long.”

Since Davis is still on the team one could conclude that Shanahan used “different discipline” to deal with whatever rules violations he may have committed.

Shanahan’s comment on the Davis reports was in sharp contract to his response to a media report that quarterback Robert Griffin III had asked that the team not to show his negative plays during team meetings. He took the unusual step of answering reporters’ queries the day before a game and told CSN Washington that the NFL Network report was “completely false”.

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The Davis case is different because it involves player discipline and not the star quarterback possibly displaying some immaturity. But still, if the reports about Davis were “completely false” you would think that Shanahan would have issued a stronger denial or, indeed, any sort of denial at all.

If the reports about Davis are true you have to wonder what he is thinking. He almost certainly does not have a future with the Redskins but he will have an opportunity to explore the free agent market in 2014. If he did indeed let an opportunity to showcase his talents in front of a national TV audience slip away by blowing off meetings, you have to wonder about his desire to play the game at all.

Davis has spent much of this season on the inactive list. He admitted to reporters last month that he occasionally “dozed off” during team meetings. In five games this year he has three receptions for 25 yards.