Soldiers support Redskins from Afghanistan

Soldiers support Redskins from Afghanistan
November 22, 2012, 4:30 pm
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On a day when the U.S.A. gives thanks, it is important to remember our military. As two Marines deployed in Afghanistan get some sleep with their bomb-detecting dog, all Americans should give thanks to the men and women of the military that protect the freedoms of the nation. 

From the Unknown Soldier Blog:

According to Cpl. Lodder's caption, the dog in the photo, Blue, detects improvised explosive devices. Blue is protecting his handler, Marine Lance Cpl. Jarrett Hatley, 21, of Millingport, North Carolina, as he takes a quick nap (covered by a Washington Redskins blanket) after helping Afghan National Army soldiers clear compounds in the central Helmand River Valley, a volatile area rife with threats from insurgents and terrorists.

The other Marine resting in the photo is Lance Cpl. Matthew Scofield, 19, of Syracuse, New York. Both Marines are assigned to 3rd Platoon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment.


Sports may just be a game, but for those overseas they can serve as a reminder of home.

First found from Homer McFanboy