Top line on Jackson' contract: 3 years, $24 million

Top line on Jackson' contract: 3 years, $24 million
April 2, 2014, 7:30 am
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The reported top line numbers on DeSean Jackson’s contract mean that Jackson will average quite a bit less than he was supposed to make in Philadelphia.

The Eagles released him after two years of a five year contract that paid him an average of about $9.4 million per year. According to reports, his Redskins contract is worth $24 million over three years with $16 million guaranteed. The contact numbers were first reported by Darren Heitner of Forbes Magazine.

Those numbers tell us something but we won’t know if there was a winner or a loser in the negotiation. Key questions such as how much of the $16 million is fully guaranteed, how much Jackson gets paid this year, and what the cap hits to the Redskins are over the three years of the deal remain to be answered. 

In any case, it's hard to see how a three-year, $24 million contract can create any major cap issues either in the short term or down the road. Certainly, it will force some choices but the dreaded "cap hell" is not in the offing.