Von Miller's critique of RG3

Von Miller's critique of RG3
April 21, 2012, 8:12 pm
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Just a week away from the NFL draft and the newly appointed golden boy, is facing some his harshest scrutiny yet. Obviously, we are not discussing Andrew Luck who can do nothing wrong, as he is the epitome of perfection, but instead, Robert Griffin III. (Can you tell I am being facetious?).

First there was a report by an 'anonymous' scout calling RGIII, 'selfish.' Yes, the same QB who hoped to give teammate Kendall Wright, a second chance in front of scouts at Baylor's Pro Day after a disappointing performance at this years combine.

Griffin had a rebuttal telling CBSSports, I think the people that know me and even the people in the media have seen know Im not a selfish guy. Its just when the draft gets closer, everybodys going to try and find something wrong with you to try and pull you down, so Im not going to sit here and argue that.

Then on Friday, according to ProFootballWeekly.com, Von Miller decided to drop his 2 cents on the presumed no. 2 overall pick, basically saying that Griffin is nothing to write home about. Both played college football in Texas, but Miller faced Griffin on the other side of the field for Texas A & M. Take Miller's comments with a grain of salt, especially considering the linebacker had a glowing recommendation for fellow Aggie, QB Ryan Tannehill.

Last year's no. 2 overall pick, said of Griffin, "He can throw the ball pretty well, and he's fast. But if you hit him enough times, he's going to wear down. He can run and throw, but I wouldn't put him in that same class as (Michael) Vick, Cam (Newton) or (Josh) Freeman."

While Miller admitted he couldn't say anything nice about anyone from Baylor, he did pump the breaks on his critique, adding, "I'm hoping he can prove me wrong."
RG3 shook off the mounting hate, tweeting, 'Doubters increase the power of my fuel.'

Ultimately, Griffin can send the loudest message to his critics on the field. Just ask Cam Newton how he handled his doubters...