Alex Ovechkin living it up at London Olympics

Alex Ovechkin living it up at London Olympics
August 4, 2012, 3:33 pm
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Anyone with a Twitter feed knows that Alex Ovechkin has been enjoying the London Olympics.
Most of his time seems to be spent cheering on his girlfriend, Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko, but over the last few days Ovi has emerged with some more famous, more American athletes.
As the DC Sports Bog documented, Ovi has been hanging out with Kobe Bryant and Serena Williams. No word yet on a Ovi picture with Lebron James, which might cause a momentary Twitter crash.
Many will agree that Ovechkin deserves to enjoy his offseason as he sees fit, and compared to previous offseason Ovi pics, the London pictures range from harmless to encouraging. But for some, the intersection of celebrity and hockey raises questions.
Is it fair that Ovi is held to such a standard? Should he be? And does an offseason social life correlate to in-season performance?