Ovechkin: 'Owners and players are at war'

Ovechkin: 'Owners and players are at war'
October 22, 2012, 8:30 am
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Alex Ovechkin is at it again. After shattering a pane of glass in Saturday’s game against Atlant Moscow, the Capitals captain pounded NHL commissioner Gary Bettman with a verbal body check.

Like many NHL players, Ovechkin saw the NHL’s most recent 50-50 offer as a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.

In a post-game interview with reporters in Moscow, Ovechkin questioned an NHL proposal that asks players to give back 12.3 million of their current salaries.

“The NHL gave fans and media hope,” Ovechkin said. “But in reality it is a deception. The league is trying to show that it is working to try and save the season, but they are not offering anything new. It’s all the same.”

Ovechkin, one of the first NHL stars to sign in the KHL, didn’t stop there.

“Owners and players are at war,” he said. “Bettman is under heavy pressure and trying to protect himself from criticism. Yes, he made an offer and said it was good. But good for who, for Bettman?”