AP Pro32 ballot from Glauber

AP Pro32 ballot from Glauber
October 23, 2012, 4:26 pm
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Bob Glauber of Newsday:

Week 8


1. Atlanta Falcons - Falcons have been cutting it close in recent

weeks, relying on some dramatic late-game drama from Matt & Matt (Ryan

and Bryant). Might need more of the same on Sunday at Philly.

2. New York Giants - Eli Manning-to-Victor Cruz saved the day against

the Redskins, keeping the Giants on a roll. They've won five of their

last six heading into NFC East showdown in Big D.

3. Houston Texans - Texans in bounce-back mode as they recover from

beatdown by Packers the week before and absolutely demolish the Ravens

at home to maintain AFC supremacy.

4. San Francisco 49ers - Niners win ugly over Seahawks as Alex Smith

struggles a second straight week. Sign of more problems to come on


5. Chicago Bears - Shades of '85? Bears' defense continues its

dominating ways, with the Lions their latest victim.

6. Baltimore Ravens - Ravens were primed for letdown after narrow win

over Dallas and injuries to Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb. But even

with Terrell Suggs coming back from injury, you didn't think they'd

suffer one of the worst defeats imaginable in Houston.

7. Green Bay Packers - That's two straight for a Packers team that

believes it's ready to keep stacking up the wins.

8. Seattle Seahawks - Seahawks fall short against 49ers, but Pete

Carroll gets a few shots in at Jim Harbaugh's complaints about the

officiating. Already stoking the Week 16 rematch.

9. New England Patriots - Tom Brady rallies the Pats at the end of

regulation and then again in overtime. But after another

less-than-impressive performance against the Jets, there's still

something missing with this team. Lots of work ahead for Bill


10. Denver Broncos - Peyton-Roethlisberger. Peyton-Ryan.

Peyton-Schaub. Peyton-Brady. Peyton-Rivers. And now Peyton-Brees on

Sunday. An NFL fan's dream.

11. Washington Redskins - RG3 with another brilliant effort against

Giants, but defense let him down at the end.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers - Stillers continue to fight through depth

issues at running back and on defense and find a way to win in Cincy.

They can thank Ben Roethlisberger for keeping them competitive.

13. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson (153) runs for almost three

times as many yards as Christian Ponder (58) throws for as Minny wins

ugly at home over Arizona. Can't keep getting away with those numbers,


14. Arizona Cardinals - That's three straight losses and counting for

Arizona, and that 4-0 start could be wiped away completely unless they

turn it around at home against division-leading San Francisco.

15. Philadelphia Eagles - Tumultuous bye week for Iggles, as Andy Reid

replaces defensive coordinator Juan Castillo with Todd Bowles. Michael

Vick gets to keep his job, but another loss to his old team on Sunday

at the Linc could signal a change there, too.

16. Dallas Cowboys - Cowboys find some inspiration from - of all

people - former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, who fires them up the night

before their win in Carolina. Next up: Giants at home, the game Jerry

Jones suggested in training camp that the Cowboys would kick some

Giants butt.

17. New Orleans Saints - A season-saving comeback win in Tampa Bay?

Could be. Saints keep hope alive as they get interim head coach Joe

Vitt back from suspension. First up for Vitt: at Denver against


18. New York Jets - Mark Sanchez nearly pulls off a shocking

fourth-quarter comeback in New England, but Tom Brady gets the better

of the Jets' D at the end of regulation and again in OT.

19. Detroit Lions - Problems at running back came back to haunt

Detroit against the Bears, as a huge goal-line fumble by Joique Bell

turns what could have been a momentum-swinging touchdown into a

game-changing blunder.

20. San Diego Chargers - Is the second-half meltdown against the

Broncos the beginning of the end for Norv Turner? It is if San Diego

misses the playoffs again.

21. Miami Dolphins - Surprising Dolphins come off the bye and face the

improving Jets on the road. They already lost to the Jets at home.

22. Tennessee Titans - Truth be told, the Titans are better off with

Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback if this team is in a win-now mode. His

performance in a shootout win in Buffalo shows it.

23. St. Louis Rams - Just no way this team is ready to go toe-to-toe

against a team like the Packers.

24. Cincinnati Bengals - Bengals lost to Stillers at home to fall to

0-6 the last two years against Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Can't win the

division that way.

25. Indianapolis Colts - Colts recover from blowout loss to the Jets

by outlasting Cleveland in an ugly one at home.

26. Buffalo Bills - That's an awfully expensive defense to give up

five TDs at home to the Titans.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The good news for Tampa: the offense has

shown plenty of improvement over last year. The bad news: the defense

can't get much worse.

28. Carolina Panthers - GM Marty Hurney gets the gate. Can Ron Rivera

be far behind?

29. Oakland Raiders - Raiders eke out OT win against Jags to stay

competitive - albeit barely - in the AFC West.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars - Shoulder injury to Blaine Gabbert means

more of Chad Henne. Take that however you like.

31. Cleveland Browns - After Browns break winless streak last week,

it's back to normal in a listless loss to the Colts.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - Romeo Crennel gives Brady Quinn a chance to

turn the season around. The coach shouldn't hold his breath.