DeSean Jackson weighs in on RG3's health, leadership qualities

DeSean Jackson weighs in on RG3's health, leadership qualities
June 4, 2014, 9:00 am
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Two months into is Redskins’ tenure, DeSean Jackson says he likes what he sees from Robert Griffin III, both from a leadership and health standpoint.

“He takes responsibility,” Jackson said of Griffin. “He takes leadership. He’s one of the guys that is here early and leaves late. And at the same time, he knows what he is doing. He’s very smart and very intelligent. I see a lot of the same characteristics in him that … I saw in [the] Michael Vicks and [Donovan] McNabbs and things like that.”

“To be accountable at a young age, going on his third year," Jackson continued, “he’s one of the guys that’s out here encouraging everyone to do things the right way and holding everybody accountable at the same time. “

Jackson, who was actively recruited by Griffin after being unexpectedly released by Philadelphia in late March, made his comments Tuesday night on NFL Network’s Total Access.

Griffin is attempting to rebound from subpar sophomore season in which he struggled to regain 2012 his form as he recovered from knee surgery. But the 24-year-old quarterback is now almost a year-and-a-half removed from his second ACL surgery on his right knee. Griffin has also ditched the bulky brace that restricted his explosiveness in 2013.

And what a difference that's made, according to Jackson, who witnessed Griffin’s struggles last season while playing for the division rival Eagles.

“To have [leadership] in a young quarterback like himself, where he was at last year …struggling and trying to get the knee back right and everything, I now can say from what it looks like to me, he’s out there doing everything and not limping,” Jackson said. “He’s not favoring that knee, so that’s a great thing. He’s not out there running around with a knee brace or anything. In my eyes, he is in top shape right now.”

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