Jackson denies gang affiliations

Jackson denies gang affiliations
April 4, 2014, 5:15 pm
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DeSean Jackson denied being a gang member and said that he didn’t associate with gang members in an ESPN interview with Stephen A. Smith.

Smith asked Jackson about an article on NJ.com alleged some connections to gangs. “From my point of view it was very disrespectful,” said Jackson. “I don’t think it was right, straight up . . . I was very disturbed and didn’t like it at all.”

Following up, Smith straight-up asked if Jackson is a gang member. “No, it’s not true . . . Do I know friends that are out there involved? Yes,” he said.

“I’m aware of and know certain gang members but as far as me be affiliated or me being a gang member, never not have once been. Never had any affiliation with doing things that are against the law. I always felt I’m a product of my environment but at the same time I’m the guy that wants to go out there and do things the right way.”

Jackson said that he was happy to have landed with the Redskins. “I’m very stoked. It’s a new beginning in my career,” he said. “I think it’s a great team over there with RG3, DeAngelo Hall, guys like that. It’s an energizing thing to do . . . I couldn’t be more excited.”