OPEN THREAD: Best location for a new Redskins stadium?

OPEN THREAD: Best location for a new Redskins stadium?
August 28, 2014, 7:45 am
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What's the best location for a new Redskins stadium?

Dan Snyder doesn't talk with the media too often, so when he does, it can carry great meaning. When Snyder revealed to CSN's Chick Hernandez that he has begun the process of looking at a new stadium for the Redskins, reaction spread quickly. The Redskins current home, FedEx Field, has seen little success on the field, and some consistent complaints about access and location since it opened.

With the speculation of a new stadium comes excitement about a return to D.C. proper, perhaps even the old R.F.K. Stadium site. One thing to remember, portions of the R.F.K. site sit on National Park Service land, and to change that setup would likely require working with the federal government.

The 'Skins lease at FedEx runs through 2027, so nothing is happening soon, and it bears reminder that it's possible Snyder could work a deal to stay in a refurbished Landover location. The team has worked well with Prince George's County, Md., well in the past.

Beyond the R.F.K. site, are there other areas in the District for the Redskins to land? Perhaps across the Anacostia River from Nats Park, a location long desired by D.C. United?

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It is also hard to ignore Virginia, where the team houses it's practice facility in Ashburn and training camp in Richmond. While moving to Loudon County might seem geographically far for D.C. or Maryland Redskins fans, perhaps a stadium could work closer in to the city or even the Capital Beltway. 

Fans will definitely want Metro accessibility, and established retail and restaurants surrounding the stadium would be a hit as well. 

What's the best site for a new stadium? Vote in our poll and let us know where your best site is.