OPEN THREAD: Better free agency period for Wizards or Redskins?

OPEN THREAD: Better free agency period for Wizards or Redskins?
July 16, 2014, 7:00 am
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Ever since LeBron James announced his decision to leave Miami and head home to Cleveland, NBA free agency has dominated the sports news. Coming off their best season in decades, the Wizards have made some strong moves in free agency in a quest to contend for a deeper playoff run. But let's not forget a successful free agency period by the Redskins a few months earlier.

So who did it better? Let's dig in.

The Wizards biggest move came in keeping on of their own by giving a five-year, $60 million contract to center Marcin Gortat. From there, the Wiz lost Trevor Ariza to Houston, but rebounded by bringing in veteran, and probably a future Hall-of-Famer, Paul Pierce. Pierce may not be the scorer he once was, but as a competitor, he could help the young stars on the Wiz. Washington GM Ernie Grunfeld also made moves to keep backup big man Drew Gooden, and will add Kris Humphries, a capable big body formerly of Kim Kardashian fame. 

The Wiz have done well, and the possibility remains that a big move could be on the horizon for D.C.'s NBA team, but how does it stack up compared to the Redskins?

Early in free agency, the Redskins made a similar move as the Wizards to keep one of their own in outside linebacker Brian Orakpo. 'Rak did not get a long-term contract like Gortat, but he will be back with Washington this season, as the 'Skins stated was their priority.

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For the first few weeks of free agency, Redskins fans looked on with surprise as the team made no moves to bring in safety help. The market offered plenty of players, but Skins GM Bruce Allen kept his money close, bringing in offensive line help and lower priced linebacker and special team players. Long known for big splashes in the free agency market, the Redskins remained quiet, bringing back former safety Ryan Clark from Pittsburgh.

Then the Eagles cut Pro Bowl WR DeSean Jackson, and Washington pounced. Jackson joins an offense with a lot of firepower, and a quarterback in Robert Griffin III one more year removed from a knee injury.

Who did better: the Wizards or the Redskins? Will DeSean outproduce Gortat? Do Paul Pierce and Ryan Clark compare, veteran players that should help youngsters develop?

Let us know what you think in the comments.