OPEN THREAD: How important is minicamp?

OPEN THREAD: How important is minicamp?
April 29, 2014, 10:00 am
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This week marks the opening of voluntary minicamps for the Redskins and much of the NFL, and with it, comes a blend of excitement and confusion. The camps are voluntary, and in general most people vehemently defend a player's right to skip the minicamps. But if it's no big deal to skip the camps, what's the point of having them in the first place?

In June a mandatory minicamp will take place, and at that point the team can begin to install its offense and any new defensive schemes. One could also argue the heightened importance of minicamp, voluntary and mandatory, since the Redskins are opening the tenure of new coach Jay Gruden.

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Another reason to encourage minicamp participation is the expected return of a healthy and knee-brace free Robert Griffin III. A rejuvenated RG3, after a 2013 season that saw him sputter, could breath new life into the franchise that limped to a 3-13 record last season. But let's not overstate what happens at minicamp, the players can have no contact and wear very little padding. 

So what do you think: minicamps important? No big deal? If it's voluntary, can it be that important? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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