Redskins' Hasett already annoyed with officials over new rules

Redskins' Hasett already annoyed with officials over new rules
August 1, 2014, 3:00 pm
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RICHMOND—We’re six days away from the Redskins’ preseason opener and defensive coordinator is already annoyed with game officials over new rules affecting pass defense.

Referee Terry McAulay and some other officials are in the middle of a three-day visit to Redskins training camp to teach players, coaches, and the media about some rule changes. One of them deals with contact between a pass receiver and a defender. The grabbing of jerseys in particular will be flagged more readily than it has been in the past. During seven on seven drills on Thursday, several flags

During Haslett’s meeting with the media on Friday, one reporter prefaced his question by saying that he had just talked with McAulay and the 14-year veteran referee said that coaches and players are going to have to change the way they coach and play in pass coverage. That did not sit well with Haslett.

“You know what I would tell the official? I would tell him that he needs to worry about officiating and we’ll coach the team,” said Haslett.

“He needs to worry about calling interference because he called about four or five yesterday where there was nothing.”

“So tell him to worry about his job, we’ll worry about our job.”

Well then.

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