Redskins' RG3: 'We fixed what we had to fix'

Redskins' RG3: 'We fixed what we had to fix'
September 1, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Robert Griffin III is ready for the regular season to get started.

“We did a good job in OTAs and training camp and through the preseason,” he said. “Now it counts. This is when all the work you put in in the offseason comes to fruition.”

Griffin and the first-team offense were not as effective as they would like to have been during the preseason. In 11 possessions they failed to score a touchdown.

“I think the biggest thing for everyone was that we didn’t score any touchdowns in the preseason but as long as we score touchdowns in the regular season that doesn’t matter for us as an offense,” he said. “We had two solid games and we put together a bad one. That’s what everybody remembers and that’s fine. We’ll get that taste out of our mouth when we play Houston.”

The offense will need to be more productive in Sunday’s opener against the Texans if they are going to start off the year with a win. The “bad one” he referred to was the third preseason game against the Ravens, the last one that the starters participated in. They had a net of five yards passing in the first half and their only play in the second half was an interception.

Although they haven’t played since then, Griffin is confident that the issues have been addressed.

“We fixed what we had to fix in practice,” he said. But he declined to elaborate. “That’s for us to know and you guys to find out.”

Indeed we will find out starting on Sunday.

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