RG3 unveils new logo and Instagram account

RG3 unveils new logo and Instagram account
April 6, 2014, 2:45 pm
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There was hype. Lots of hype. In the end, the unveiling lacked the buzz it's rumor created. What's the topic? The missing Malaysia Airlines plane? No. The arrival of Robert Griffin III's Instagram page.

Rumors swirled about what Griffin's first post would be on the photography sharing social media site. Some popular ideas were RG3 would show off some athletic moves without wearing a knee brace, or that his wife may be pregnant, or maybe he cut his signature dreadlocks. In the end, the ideas were wrong. Way wrong.

RG3 rolled out a new logo in conjunction with adidas. Word is there will be much merchandise to come with the logo, so expect more Instagram posts.

This time last year, information from the Griffin camp was about rehab being ahead of schedule. Based on that, a new logo seems like welcome news. Rich Tandler said it best via Twitter:

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