Shaun White says he's antsy; thanks his fans

Shaun White says he's antsy; thanks his fans
February 11, 2014, 12:00 am
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KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia (AP) -- Shaun White says he's antsy about his upcoming chance to make history on the Olympic halfpipe and, in a shoutout to his fans, thanks them for their support.

In a pair of videos shot Monday and provided to The Associated Press, White addresses his fans directly in one and speaks about his experience in Russia in the other.

"I go up and down," White says. "I'm excited, then I'm not excited because I'm, not nervous, but just kind of antsy and it builds and snowballs into other things. And it's just a lot of mixed feelings rolled up into one. It's the day before the big day."

The halfpipe contest is Tuesday, and White could become the seventh athlete to win three straight golds in an individual Winter Olympics sport.