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Beltway Baseball: What went wrong in 2013?



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Mon, 7 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And it welcomed the CSN Washington dot com on chase -- this is mark Zuckerman. There watching the way baseball for the first time in quite awhile. It's been a pretty busy season for us and obviously the nationals are in the playoffs right now as we're gonna try to figure out what exactly went wrong why did they under achieve this season. And the answer is pretty complicated if you covered the team if you watch them closely the market he had to give the biggest reason why the nationals under achieved this year what was sent. Well you're right there's a lot of reasons behind if you had to name one they didn't score enough runs. -- first four months of the season. A lineup that was supposed to be productive. Spoke to one of the best we just couldn't get it done whether that was about Adam LaRoche and a surprisingly down year. When it was -- and a long time you're going to expand can do real well early in the year. Although since contributed but I think the biggest factor as far as wind was concerned. Was that they weren't healthy. The first few weeks of the season and work and then Bryce Harper. Runs in the wall and -- it was never the same after that even when he did come back he was not a better person you -- at different times. Wilson Ramos wasn't healthy until the second half of the season I thought we really knows. How much impact he had Lleyton how much they miss him. For the first half -- -- -- Kurt Suzuki was playing almost every day. -- young with the children and that was our factor second base when -- -- -- maybe he wasn't a 100% worth. This time with the injuries -- put that together and yet they weren't. They're full complete lineup until late years and finally saw it coming at that point solid they could be but it was too little too late and so I think comes down to -- score runs. On paper this team is supposed to be one of the best in baseball but as the season played out. It became clear that there were a few flaws to the roster is -- Mike -- is kind of admitted in hindsight. That for instance the bullpen should have been more pounds I mean on paper heading into the season a lot of us were like well you know. You don't have enough left is is none of bounces on the experience. And also the bench which she can't really fault Rizzo for because that's nothing like a guy isn't the same guys who were one of the best interest in baseball 2012. All the sudden weren't the same guys in 2013. But one thing a lot of people are gonna point to is the weight of expectations that we mentioned to compete for World Series the World Series or bust talk to Davey Johnson. Do you think those expectations maybe weigh in on the match. You know honestly I don't I think it's actually the opposite I don't think any problem -- pressure. I think didn't put enough pressure on himself -- -- -- and the message from game one way takes teams good enough to go to the World Series is really talented. And when they struggled in April and may and June and July. The message kept. Coming from the top down as -- be fine. What we're two talented this summer I'm starting to score runs to win we're we're too good this is the last -- here. And I woke up one day in August against what at a prison in the fifteen games out and realized oh my god it's two lucky. It's too late to turn on -- did turn on and made it close and because that you almost have that feeling made me just kind of a week -- to. Maybe -- could actually pull off. But I think they need a little more sense of urgency they needed whether it was Rizzo making roster move me. Setting -- -- down earlier. Whether. DV deal more aggressive and and trying to get -- kick in the pants somebody that was internally players you know the message can't. All along was and will be fine. You know what they weren't they need a little work and I think they just assume everything -- gonna come together and that's the last you want to -- -- Nothing if it's into the sport. -- obviously the byproduct of success they had in 2012 they saw guys like Danny Espinosa Adam LaRoche. Have the best years of their career and they're just kind of waiting for that to happen an -- thing we did our season preview I thought that. You know basically even if things went wrong they would still be very good team because of Davey Johnson I thought he was going to be the back on this team. But it kind of turned out that his confidence in his players. Ended up for pretty much contributing to their. I'm a little bit of his undoing yeah I think there was a point when they needed him manager it was a lot more in your face and -- that's not a stat outlook. It worked great 2012 and everybody loved him for. You can't really fault him this is who you. But there were points and all that season where they probably needed a manager that would. So little more fired him and he will make some kind of change. You mentioned you know worst case scenario means he's -- -- exit 85 weeks. The worst case there and I only thought that possible if they had major injuries. Right expression that's what I figured it was subtle about it. What in 8686. I don't have a lot more -- at her pretty well volley didn't stick to that for your pre season predictions ninety particular career. I want other factor that I think it's gone kind of under is I think there were a few guys on the team that maybe weren't ready for the rules they were given this year. One example would be Tyler Moore and based on what he did in 2012 he gave every indication he was ready to be that first guy off the bench and stepped in and start it in case of injury. But as the season played out it turned out that he really wasn't ready for that shall see what happens next year. Yeah and I think you're seeing more veterans on the bench and I think they realize it was a tough spot to put guys like Moore and mom was being Brett really. They did well last year but that's a tough spot for a lot of guys. And one other guy and people pregnant disagree with me on this but I think Bryce Harper may be wasn't quite ready for the role. He was handed -- he was supposed to be. -- slotted hitting second in the lineup but really when they got rid of Mike Morse who's supposed to be one of the three or four best hitters on this team especially when it comes to power numbers in the lead and Brandt -- back right exactly and he's he's one of the best twenty year old we've ever seen but he's also pointing do you think maybe. He was one year away from where they -- Hope he would be. Could be but I mean think about what he did in April he was the best player in the brain injuries literal injury -- -- so. Yeah maybe that's up to -- too high so high for himself -- and we all expect too much and we do remember that still -- excellent game but. That's what we saw a glimpse of he can be guys there's a -- edition of put that on him but when he felt he certainly could. I think next year there's no reason you can't expect -- -- again -- Patrick MVP -- Texans right right so mark before we get out of this particular segment -- ask your question looking back to last offseason as we head into this one. What move if Mike Rizzo could have won mould in which one do you think he would take. Back boy. It's easy to stage you know that he had another lefty in the bullpen but really who was that guy and we signed on -- -- -- And accidentally. Michael Gonzales -- on -- -- makers. The one that talked about as a free agent J. P. Howell when the Dodgers. Again that was the difference between them mean playoffs. It's a good 81 is probably in here. I do you think you've risen and had back to probably say take that shot on him as one year deal and him he pitched well in the second half. But thirteen million dollars for a guy. Well he's -- five ERA and it's he's. And the first half -- your opinion given the chance to win. Seven at this and head home for them. Probably somebody else would look at that spot. As one reason why and and talk about how this thing -- next year maybe two dozen books that are starting pitchers and our two years and right now. And when Jackson and here and find them they spend a lot of money for a spot -- -- condensing correction. CSN Washington dot com it.

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