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St. Louis, Boston: Who has the edge?



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com I'd -- for real B network John Hart. We -- four very good World Series keys for both teams well this season. Well I think it's going to be a great matchup I think all you have to do is start with the two best clubs in baseball that are going to be fully and Boston it's an interest in club they're also going to be the home field. Teams in -- if you look at recent history. The whole field is really did the club with the home field advantage really had a way. That said though. When you look at the at the match -- here I I think that the Cardinals starting pitching might have a little bit of an edge. Michael walker has really been. I mean he has really turned into an ace and it's going to be interesting to see how. Not only Michael Lockett that some of these young guys have them back into that bullpen no Rosenthal and Martinez. Are going to be able to fare in the World Series there's a tremendous amount of talent. But they're asking a lot of their young players. I think when you look on the Boston side. I I think the key is going to be the top of that order. I think there's the difference offensively in the two clubs that too when you look at those very Victor Reno Pedroia. You've got that real speed component up there at the top. These guys can can manufacture some runs runs are tough to come by in the post season. And I think with that. With that top three there that's going to be that's a plus there for the Boston club. I think at the end of the game. It's interesting because you've got two different types of closers. Rosenthal as the young kid the young gun hundred mile an hour fastball. Power stuff vs coaching you Parra. Who's just been specialists guys. You know ten to one strikeout to walk he doesn't give up many runs he's got that devastating split finger. So I I think both clubs are gonna feel good that they can get the ball to either one of these two guys in the ninth inning. The -- are expected to play at most three gave Saint Louis there's that -- -- to play first base and all those games. Yeah I I think David Ortiz is going to be the first baseman at least to start with here's how I see it I think you've got. It it's it's tough for Boston because American League club to build their team. You know to be able to have that TH. And and right now between David Ortiz. As the DH and Mike Napoli at first base one of those guys is gonna have to come out and you've got to really your four and five hitters so I think that's going to be. It's certainly go to affect. What the other Red Sox line -- is gonna look like. But I I think John Ferrell is gonna stick with David Ortiz. At least the first game. I think he's gonna watch a little bit has to. Mike Napoli a streaky hitter this guys come up with a very good American League Championship Series. This guy's on fire it's going to be tough to pulling now but. There regardless I think. You can look at fourteen starting in the -- they'll make the adjustment depending on. How he sees each of these guys swinging the bat. CSN Washington dot com.

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