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Beltway Baseball: Playoffs preview

Fri, 6 Sep 2013|

Dave Roberts deja vu! Quintin Berry steals a key base as a pinch-runner against Mariano Rivera and scores the tying run with two outs in the ninth as the Sox come back to beat the Yanks in 10.

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  1. Nate Robinson out jumps Andray Blatche-3/6

    CSN Washington dot com. Feel. You try. Fire. 47 year old Dave Roberts it it is. It is seventh year from Washington. Didn't like your race out. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Beltway Baseball: Thinking about September & postseason rosters

    talking about now are really very specific. Little things in the game but didn't come up huge crowd ever talks about Dave Roberts into for the Red Sox won that one stolen base can you. It's something considered that sometimes you get to that point

  3. Dynamo D.C. United highlights

    in other backs into the wall Dave going in and historically speaking we haven't had that win at the stadium against Dave Roberts stated more than new stadium this year. And Houston they just to and then the momentum shifted this is a red card came

  4. Beltway Baseball: Should the Nats have made a trade?

    talking about now are really very specific. Little things in the game but they come up huge inning ever talks about Dave Roberts into the idea for the Red Sox won that one stolen base in view. Something consider that sometimes you get to that point

  1. Kyle Shanahan on RGIII int


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    of dumb so I try to talk to look through it was don't like I am TO I thought it was not a smarter on the field. But I say Roberts are for me when I watched Steve which you. It is right on the money was there when you were thrown and it looked like yours

  2. CSN Washington dot com. You plates are yet to play. In order to get better and I think Roberts on that he's healthy. Million dollar better each week. And I thought got better this last weekend. And the more he plays more

  3. 2 Minute Drill: Redskins vs. Lions


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    that for third and short. Much better situation. Play action to be big. Dark all a lot of talk this been on RG three on if Roberts to ready at the knees there but look at past Robert. god the Redskins need to step up offensively this week to be alliance

  4. Toe the Rubber: Gray looks to right A's ship vs. Angels


    Tue, 17 Sep 2013

    Sonny Gray brings his 'electric' stuff to the hill in Oakland as the A's look to shake off their blowout loss from Monday night to the Angels. Scott Reiss, Shooty Babitt and Bip Roberts look ahead to Tuesday night. TV: 6:30 p.m. on CSNCA.

  5. play great defense that was. We gave everything we you know we haven't that's not. When we watched him it seemed like Roberts certainly look better in the second half did you feel. He was better and as a result the whole offense is better that second

  6. CSN Washington dot com. We don't know how Roberts to respond. You even really don't know how is in response to live bullets hasn't played a game a long time but. But he was

  7. your lifetime ago go for two or three days and also there's swelling nominees go to him take up take a couple days off but. Roberts that I had an excellent camp he's looked good and he's ready to play and always look reported started. Clearly now we

  8. Berry hopes for more 'Dave Roberts moments' with Sox


    Fri, 6 Sep 2013

    In a little Dave Roberts deja vu, late-season pickup Quintin Berry steals a key base as a pinch-runner against Mariano Rivera and scores the tying run in the ninth in a game the Sox win 9-8 in 10.

  9. not gonna talk to give us the game plan here on TV a lot of people want to show so don't do it Pierre don't do it but. Roberts back and I guess the whole team is excited how can you top last year's office of performance you can because you're healthy

  10. All systems go for RG3


    Tue, 3 Sep 2013

    then if I'm ready to go we won tonight play. I'm not ready to go tonight and swallow my pride and not. I feel very good Roberts . And your starter on Monday night unless there's some crazy that we don't anticipate. Our big story tonight it's all

  11. RG3 will start against Eagles


    Mon, 2 Sep 2013

    Andrews over a couple of his concerns. we talked about two different things he talked me and Tampa. I feel very good we're Roberts . And he'll be starter on Monday night to unless your some crazy said fact that we don't anticipate. Mike Shanahan says

  12. com. To bring in tar this year. To talk about a little more Mike Shanahan had a chance to put this all to rest and just say Roberts can start Monday night against eagle but he didn't do that. You know it was one of the stranger news comes up in a part

  13. anything I think they know what they have. I do think there's an element there where they want to protect him from injury Roberts still not finally finally finally cleared. Kirk cousins maybe a little bit more importance to that that mid foot break helped

  14. RG3 won't play unless the Doc says so


    Wed, 21 Aug 2013

    Doesn't matter. Not so much. Remember the first time Roberts ever had. A pre season game was last year he's never one ..... goes he will listen with the doc has to say if the doc says Roberts ago. Robert Griffin the third is not gonna play in this game

  15. thing confirmed it was you know what they think. My game dance that were scored by ESPN is saying that that. Decision on roberts ' status for the opener would be doctor Andrews and doctor Andrews alone is that your view of how about that decision will

  16. ask him weeded them out and whose stated that he gets ahead. Roberts who wait the week five. Have a lot of reporters from around ..... value late what I think I think at this point it depends on Roberts progress how he looks apparently he'll look great tonight

  17. Roberts back in his old leadoff spot--for one game


    Mon, 19 Aug 2013

    Brian Roberts is back in the leadoff spot. It may only be for one game, but he's hitting as well as he has in years.

  18. Preview: Jarrod Parker vs. Aaron Harang


    Mon, 19 Aug 2013

    The A's take on the Seattle Mariners tonight at the Coliseum, with coverage getting underway at 6:30 p.m. on Comcast Sports Net California; Henry Wofford and Bip Roberts get you set as Jarrod Parker prepares to face Aaron Harang.

  19. get back out on the field his teammates are excited to have him back in the huddle. Also not press conference this morning Roberts said he'd be back out on the field for Tuesday afternoon practice and an eleven on eleven drills. Then Mike Shanahan came

  20. Roberts back with the Orioles, tired but thrilled


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    Brian Roberts is back with the Orioles after the birth of his first son. He's tired, but he's glad to be back.